What is a Cloud Migration Strategy?

A Cloud Migration Strategy provides detailed insight into your cloud readiness with a comprehensive assessment of your current state, a detailed roadmap of your cloud journey and a cloud migration business case.

Get an understanding of where you are on your cloud journey and an action plan. This includes a workshop to identify cloud-readiness, build alignment with leadership, and identify best practices within the organisation that can be leveraged and scaled to reduce roadblocks for the cloud adoption journey.

A deep dive into your current environment. Using the AWS Migration Evaluator tool, internal asset information and subject matter experts we gather information on physical hosts and virtual instances, CPU and RAM, bandwidth and usage data, server and application dependencies, and licensing requirements.

A clear understanding of the methodology behind our recommendations based on the discovery data and an analysis for each application using the AWS ‘R’ frameworks

An overview of the steps required to undergo a cloud migration including migration waves, dependency mapping, estimated timings, and a detailed assessment of cloud migration effort.

A multi-year TCO Business Case that will assess staying in current state, running AWS, cloud migration costs and the value to your business.

Download a sample TCO report

Download a sample TCO report which is a deliverable after a migration assessment study. It gives a good understanding of the TCO after migrating to the cloud.