API Management

API management refers to the process of creating, publishing, and managing API connections within an enterprise and in a cloud setting. More than just a place for these API connections to live, API Management offers a scalable, unified platform that allows enterprises to share and socialize their API configurations while controlling access, collecting and analyzing usage statistics, and enforcing associated security policies.

Being able to deploy and reuse integration assets quickly and efficiently is a notable benefit of using an API management solution. By managing all of your APIs on one unified and centrally visible platform, enterprises can easily share the API documentation and coding constructs between teams, significantly reducing development costs and time to market. API management platforms also help to keep existing services much safer by tracking API usage and allowing for the the integration of state-of-the-art security protocols, including OAuth, JWT, and OpenID.

WSO2 API Management

Benefits of WSO2

Complete code transparency with community-driven features and support, with enhanced professional support, provided through our WSO2 Subscription service.

Natively supports open API specifications to help you easily implement industry-standard API management best practices, including end-to-end security, usage monitoring and analytics, and complete lifecycle management.

Adopt an API-first approach without months of refactoring and developer effort. Seamlessly integrate existing services and manage them as APIs from one location with flexible deployment options.

Maintain a complete history of changes to your APIs for audits and provide a superior customer experience. Easily roll back to stable versions as needed.

Safeguard your Enterprise Data with TIBCO API Management

Employ a wide range of policies to gain control over how, when, and from where your user community can access your APIs. The API Management Control Center lets you fully control your APIs. The traffic manager polices your servers to safeguard them against unauthorized access and overloading. The gateway is available across on-premises and cloud environments, allowing for a single view of all gateways.

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