Case Studies

Read how Integra has helped Iskaan, a leading property management company achieve scalable resilient infrastructure.

Iskaan provides full end-to-end solution covering all areas of managing association operations, finance, legal, and vendor management, including board reports and compliance with local regulatory standard. Iskaan is a company founded to revolutionize association management. By streamlining association management’s complexity, the platform hopes to give users a seamless experience.


Iskaan helps  increase operational efficiency by providing you with all the organizational needs in one place without having to switch between multiple apps. Giving or receiving monthly managerial reports while working in a paperless environment is possible within ISKAAN’s powerful software.  Direct messaging or emailing owners is possible from within the app.

Iskaan Software

The Challenge

Iskaan’s existing infrastructure on AWS was facing significant challenges in terms of stability and resilience. The infrastructure lacked high availability and was not equipped for zero downtime deployments, which led to frequent disruptions and limited scalability. The client did not have a DR strategy in place. With a rapidly growing customer base and increasing integration demands, especially with Mollak, Iskaan needed a robust and scalable solution to ensure continuous, uninterrupted service and support its business growth.

The Solution

Iskaan engaged with Integra to optimize their AWS infrastructure, aiming to enhance resilience, ensure high availability, and enable zero downtime deployments. The client also wanted an active DR setup in the UAE region should anything happen to the Existing infrastructure. The first step was to redesign the infrastructure to incorporate AWS best practices and Well-Architected Framework principles. Key components of the solution included:

Autoscaling Groups:

Implementing Autoscaling Groups to dynamically adjust the number of instances based on traffic and workload, ensuring that the platform can handle varying loads efficiently and maintain performance during peak times. We have also configured scheduled scaling during business hours

Blue-Green Deployments:

Utilizing AWS CodeDeploy to set up blue-green deployments – allowing seamless zero-downtime updates. This approach ensures that new releases are thoroughly tested in a production-like environment before switching traffic to the new version minimizing the risk of disruptions.

Cross-Region DR:

In order to ensure business continuity, we helped Iskaan setup an active-active DR in the UAE region.

Enhanced Monitoring and Management:

Integrating monitoring tools such as Amazon CloudWatch for real-time performance tracking and AWS Systems Manager for centralized management of the infrastructure. This setup enhances visibility and control over the entire AWS environment.

Infrastructure as Code (IaC):

Adopting Infrastructure as Code using Terraform to manage and provision the AWS infrastructure. This approach ensures consistency, repeatability and ease of deployment across different environments.


The Result

The collaboration with Integra resulted in a stable and resilient platform for Iskaan, capable of scaling seamlessly with the growing customer base. The implementation of Autoscaling Groups and blue-green deployments significantly improved the platform’s availability and reduced downtime to virtually zero.

The new infrastructure design enabled Iskaan to support a larger number of customers simultaneously, ensuring a smooth and uninterrupted user experience. The integration with Mollak was also streamlined, further enhancing the platform’s capabilities and value proposition.