Case Studies

Read how Integra has helped Simplify, a fintech Lending as a Service (LaaS) company, create secure, scalable and resilient infrastructure.

Simplyfi helps launch new, innovative credit products, ensuring quick time-to-market without significant IT integrations. SimplyFi is not just a digital lending solution, it grows bank’s client base by onboarding new clients and boost credit income by generating new high-quality assets.

SimplyFi handles the whole lending process from onboarding and disbursal to repayments while banks and credit funds provide its balance sheet and enjoy new customers and assets.

Simplyfi helps vendors to onboard faster within hours instead of days.Simplyfi helps collect all necessary information in one go, eliminating the need for follow-ups and redundant paperwork.

This helps in boosting conversion
 rates, thereby never losing a client because of slow and cumbersome onboarding processes.

The Challenge

Simplyfi’s existing infrastructure had a lot of technical debt, thereby making it next to impossible to architecturally recorrect the inefficiencies built into the system.  Simplyfi’s customers are in the banking and financial sectors and SME’s who depend on timely and reliable access to business facilities, hence,  reliability is crucial. Their containerized microservices-based application needed a scalable setup to ensure high availability, zero downtime and secure efficient operations.

To get rid of the technical debt and to create a scalable, resilient system, it was decided to migrate to AWS, and in keeping with regulatory requirements, the Middle Eastern regions were selected for the infrastructure.

The Solution

Simplyfi teamed up with Integra technologies  to transform their infrastructure using AWS services and best practices were implemented to ensure that the new platform was secure, resilient, scalable and fault tolerant.

AWS Landing Zone with Control Tower:

We helped SimplyFi design and deploy an AWS Landing Zone using Control Tower. This provided a secure, multi-account AWS environment based on AWS best practices, ensuring governance, compliance, and efficient management.

Hybrid Kubernetes Model: We deployed SimplyFi’s containerized microservices application on a hybrid Kubernetes model using AWS Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS). This model used both EC2 instances and AWS Fargate, offering a flexible and scalable platform that could handle varying workloads efficiently.

Rolling Updates for Deployments:

To ensure zero downtime during updates, we adopted rolling updates for deployments. This strategy allowed the client to release new features and updates without disrupting the services provided to their clients.

Service Mesh with AWS App Mesh:

We configured AWS App Mesh to enhance east-west security and manage internal service communications. API throttling was also implemented within the mesh to control the rate of requests and ensure stability and performance.

The Result

SimplyFi’s platform is now better equipped to handle increasing demands, offering fast and reliable credit solutions with improved resilience and scalability. The enhanced infrastructure has positioned SimplyFi to continue innovating and growing in the competitive FinTech market, providing its clients with cutting-edge technology and reliable services.

By partnering with Integra and leveraging AWS’s powerful tools, SimplyFi has transformed its infrastructure into a robust, scalable, and highly available platform, ready to support its mission of revolutionizing lending services for the financial sector.