We help enterprises move from being a ‘data-confused’ to a ‘data-oriented’ one, thereby enabling smarter, faster decisions that result in better business outcomes. Leveraging our solutions around big data, enterprises can solve specific problems (allied with data volume, variety, and velocity), design, build and implement enterprise-wide big data strategies, create effective roadmaps, and develop a real competitive advantage in the marketplace.

We, along with AWS and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI), offers the broadest and most integrated portfolio of products to help enterprises acquire and organize diverse data sources and analyze them alongside the existing data to find new insights and capitalize on hidden relationships.

What is a data driven enterprise?

Data-driven describes a strategic process of leveraging insights from data to identify new business opportunities, better serve customers, grow sales, improve operations and more. It allows organizations to use evidence-based data to make decisions and plan carefully to pursue business objectives.

Layers of a Data Platform

Data Ingestion

Data Storage and Processing

Data Transformation

Business Intelligence and Analytics

Data Observerability

Data Discovery

High Level Architecture

What is the right choice?

Data-driven decision-making (DDDM) is defined as using facts, metrics, and data to guide strategic business decisions that align with your goals, objectives, and initiatives. When organizations realize the full value of their data, that means everyone—whether you’re a business analyst, sales manager, or human resource specialist—is empowered to make better decisions with data, every day.

Transforming how your company makes decisions is no easy task, but incorporating data and analytics into decision-making cycles is how you will see the most transformative impact on your organization. This level of transformation requires a dedicated approach to developing and refining your analytics program.

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